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Just Relax - Save money on taxis with Addison Lee

Save up to 25% when you travel Off-Peak & at Weekends

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Our off-peak fares mean that you can enjoy an average saving of 25% on typical journeys without having to enter a promo code as the discount is automatically applied to your booking. OFF PEAK TIMES: Mon-Thur: 00:00-04:59, 9:00-16:59, 19:00-20:59 Fri: 00:00-04:59, 09:00-16:59, 19:00-23:59 Sat: all day Sun: all day

  • Expires in 102 days

Just Relax - Avoid Surges with Addison Lee

We never surge, even in rush hour, even in rain, even in snow, even at night. Even on public holidays.

  • Expires in 102 days

Save up to 25% off airport transfers

Just Relax - Addison Lee complete over 1 million airport transfers a year. Cheaper than an airport taxi.

  • Expires in 286 days