NEW Green Day Album!

NEW Green Day Album. 11.02.2020 - 22.02.2020.

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Pre-Order: Nightwish!

Pre-Order: Nightwish. 11.02.2020 - 10.04.2020.

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Your Game - Your Merch

You like adventures and exciting online worlds? Then the EMP Gaming Shop is the right place for you. We accompany you on your dangerous missions on the virtual battlefields of this world, experience exciting adventures with you and make sure that you are dressed appropriately. With us you will find the best gaming merchandise for your favorite games. Whether cool clothes or other fan articles - gamers will find what they are looking for here!

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Everything to make entertainment fans happy

You're a real serial and movie nerd? We'll be cheering side-by-side with you and your favorite characters. We can't get you a letter from Hogwarts or a Delorean time machine, but we can get you movie and series merchandise. Check out our EMP Online Shop and choose your new favorite outfit. Besides merchandise clothing you will also find lots of jewelry and accessories from lots of movies and shows.

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Exclusive brands by EMP

Bored by the same old styles in your city centre? Then check out our EMP Online Shop and have a look at our exclusive styles. With the brands by EMP you will never get boredom to your wardrobe! Check out the great selection of Gothicana, Black Premium, RED, Full Volume and Rock Rebel and get an individual and rocking style.

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Dreams come true in our Disney Shop

Everyone has at least one favorite Disney movie. In the world of Walt Disney there is nothing that does not exist. Real fans like to keep their childhood heroes with them at all times, and they therefore need to have Disney merchandise, that's for sure! That's why we have a wide range of items, including clothes, accessories and our legendary Funko Pops! Everyone will find the right item for his or her favorite movie in our shop. Check it out!

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"Best of the blessed" - Preorder the new Powerwolf album now

2020 is a great year for all Powerwolf fans! You can pre-order the new album "Best Of The Blessed" from now on in our shop! Best Of The Blessed is not just another imitation Best Of album. With 16 metal hymns, Best Of The Blessed promises timeless classics of the band in brand new priest garb, Best Of The Blessed is the ultimate metal soundtrack like you've never heard POWERWOLF before!

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Get Merch for Birds of Prey

Are you ready for the next adventure in the DC Universe? This time it's about Girl Power and we are really looking forward to it! In February Birds of Prey will finally be released and Harley Quinn will get her own movie. We already have the right merchandise to get you in the mood for the emancipation of Harley Quinn. Check it out!

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